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Brent George boosts the morale of children and adults at events and activities for business, government and educational institutions in Southern California.  Billion-dollar organizations such as Xerox, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and the Island Sunfish Grill as well as Long Beach, Compton, and Lynwood Unified School Districts have benefited from Morale International's creative and uplifting motivational techniques.

For the past six years, the Chief Motivator has given Morale Boosts to students in Long Beach, Compton, San Bernardino and Lynwood.  In Long Beach, Prisk, MacArthur, and Jane Adams Elementary have enjoyed several different presentations, including “What Do You Want to Be?” on career day.  In Compton, Bursch Elementary’s Pep Squad danced to “Good to Great” and “State Standards Test Prep” at the pep assemblies during test week.  In Lynwood, Marshall, Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Abbott, Rosa Parks, Lindbergh, Helen Keller, and Lincoln Elementary have participated in a number of Morale Boosts for holiday parties, test time, career day, the Math-a-Thon and several other events, Chavez Middle School planned their futures on career day with the Chief Motivator and Lynwood High School prepared for college with “How to Be Successful” during College Prep Week.

 Morale International customizes motivational packages for each school - each presentation is uniquely designed!  These entertaining presentations are energetic and inspire fun-filled audience participation while at the same time focusing on peer relations, good citizenship, and elevating morale.  Results are consistently high and testimonials confirm that participants experience heightened levels of morale and concentration after Morale Boosts.

 As "Chief Motivator", Mr. George and his team write, produce and perform anthem hip-hop songs to engage the audience by promoting success, achievement and teamwork. Participants discover how, by making small adjustments in their current style they can create incredible changes in their personal and school life! Small groups as well as large gatherings benefit from Morale International's unique and proven approach.

 Morale International has produced six motivational Compact Discs and eleven customized business and educational projects, several of which have sold to entire student bodies.  We’re appropriate for every occasion.  Our most popular presentation is the “State Standards Test Prep” which leaves the entire campus fully motivated and confident for the test.